Looking for some Gabriola Island Real Estate ?

Tell me, “What are you looking for?” Let’s start talking. I can find that perfect paradise for you.

Homes for sale on Gabriola Island are coming on the market all the time. We’ll fine tune your wish list. My goal is to help you find the right home and at the same time, make sure you don’t miss anything or pay too much. We will accomplish this together.

Let’s start with what you have so far. Do you a list of homes for sale on Gabriola, you have found which are you interested in? Let’s discuss what is available through MLS, new listings, new construction, and for sale by owner. Through a simple process of elimination, we’ll remove those properties that don’t work for you. We’ll go from a large number of Gabriola island real estate listings to a very manageable amount that are worthy of your time. A drive by perhaps. Then, setting up viewing appointments where we’ll have enough time to see the home close up, the gardens, garage and all those little extras.

You’ll quickly whittle it down to about the top 3 of your favourites. I’ll do a simple market analysis showing you the sold properties to help you get a feel for value. Our goal is to make sure you don’t pay too much. Rating the pros and cons will align quickly houses for sale on Gabriola.

Will you be paying cash for this Gulf Islands real estate property? Or will you be applying for a mortgage? Do you have that loan arranged? Pre-approved for the purchase is really where you want to be ahead of viewing properties. A good use of your time and building a rapport with your mortgage broker or financial institution will enable the process goes smooth from beginning to end. I have a number of loan managers I’ve build solid relationships with – happy to share this with you.

Inspections of the house could range from a house inspection, water quality test, septic sewage system inspection, knowing your what your insurance will cost, and depending upon the property unique or otherwise there could be other inspections we talk about. Your purchase should be to your satisfaction.

Does this look like a process that will work for you?
I am your trusted Gabriola Island Real Estate Agent in the buying process. You can count on me to provide quick responses to your queries.

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