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Go West

The West Coast is Canada’s Playground. Ask yourself. Why Go West? Why Gulf Islands? Why Gabriola? So ask me a question, and I’ll answer you super-quick!

If I were the buyer and wanted a specialist who knows and loves Gabriola from stem to stern, I would pick Carol Martin. That’s me! I’m here to help, and because I live on Gabriola, in the Gulf Islands, west coast of Canada, you might feel more comfortable working with me. Forgivable, not everyone can know everything, but then again I here to guide you, show you, discuss your wants and needs, in fact your wish list.

Ask! You’ll get an answer!

Here’s bunch of reasons why the west coast and Gabriola Island, are way cooler than anywhere else I can imagine.

Beautiful weather year round.

With blue skies and sunshine, we have wonderful beaches, healthier, and happier people. We also have liquid sunshine – rain, and who wouldn’t want to live where every day brings its own specialness.

Environmental Awareness.

People above all, is our Coast Realty logo, but I expand that notion to an all-encompassing “we are, and you are, truly the steward of your own land and those of your neighbours. Expand this out and that includes all creatures, all plants, the air, the water, the wind, the earth. If you love the environment and what to make a healthier world, you’ll love the West Coast.

More Peaceful People.

Many people are stuck in the city, no matter whether it be east coast or prairies of Canada, or North America as a whole continent. It’s job opportunity they say or family. Those are all important. But, if you have a will and a way, you’ll be surprised to see what can be. Gabriola is so close to universities, colleges, centres of learning and healing. We don’t see grumpy very often, and most of the time you’ll find a ‘hello, how are you?’ just about everywhere you turn. Living out West is a better lifestyle, and there are job opportunities, and your family can grow and play and feel content in their world.

Raising Families.

Our friendly population is about 4,000 or 5,000. On Gabriola, parents support each other in ensuring our children receive one of the best in education. The elementary school is supported by their highly motivated Parent’s Advisory Council. Programs and activities are provided to ensure all of our children are active, engaged, and resilient and prepared for life.

Artisans Galore.

Fondly known as the “Isle of the Arts” you’ll find an active, artistic community, full of intelligence and fun. Truly an entrepreneurial styling of all and just about everything you can imagine. It’s a treat for me to visit studios where enthusiasm radiate, where unique acumens reign.

Ask me a question! You’ll get an answer!

Experience shows that most people who are looking for property want three things: the best property, at the lowest price, with a minimum of inconvenience. So, describe your ideal property, and paint me a word picture. Together we will meet and talk to ensure we are on the right track. With my advice, my expertise, my professionalism, we will select a property to write an offer on, under your direction. In preparing a Contract of Purchase and Sale, I will help negotiate the price, terms and conditions of the offer to your satisfaction, again under your direction. I can co-ordinate all the activities that need to occur such as inspections of the house, water, septic and many others before your final acceptance of the purchase, and finally the sale.

I cannot think of anything more rewarding than saying to you “Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a property. Welcome to Gabriola Island.”

Go West, Go Gulf Islands, Go Gabriola

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